It looks like a regular storybook, right?

Within these pages lies cutting-edge AI technology that weaves your family and friends into the narrative of their very own adventures. Here's how it works.

We teach an AI your loved one's appearance

Our Machine Learning technique, known as LoRA, fine-tunes an AI model to bring the heroes of our stories to life.

By feeding the AI 15 photos, it learns to mimic the unique features of each person accurately.

We create consistent illustrations

We use an advanced text-to-image AI to create smooth and consistent illustrations.

Our technique combines crafted prompts with specially fine-tuned styles, all directed by a control system known as ControlNet which guides the illustration process.

  • Step 1 – ControlNet Pose

    Our AI receives a skeletal blueprint of the character's pose, where each color corresponds to a different body part and the white dots map out the facial points. Poses guarantees characters resonate with vivacity and intention.

  • Step 2 – ControlNet Depth

    This mask informs our AI of the text positioning and font choices. For cover pages that feature the protagonist's name, a dynamic mask is created on-the-fly before the image generation process begins.

  • Final Result

    We integrate Pose and Depth Masks to craft extraordinary illustrations that would be challenging to create using commonly available AI tools.

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We bring a story to life

Before any storybook passes through your hands, it undergoes a rendering process and a thorough inspection to make sure it meets our standard of quality.

Finally, our trusted network of global suppliers prints your book on high-quality materials and delivers it directly to your doorstep.

Meet the founder, Phil.

Phil is an ex-Uber Data Scientist, passioned about Artificial Intelligence and storytelling.

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