I'm Phil, the founder of dreamstories.

About a year ago, I quit my job at Uber to start dreamstories., with the goal of making every child smile.

I am a computer engineer with a passion for storytelling and artificial intelligence.

How it came to be

One day, a friend asked me to craft an illustrated tale featuring his child as the hero.

After exploring all available tools, I realized none met high standards for quality. So, I built dreamstories.

Why dreamstories.

dreamstories. has the ability to make you see things beyond the reach of a camera's lens.

It goes beyond just transforming your photos; it takes them as reference to create brand new, custom illustrations.

Create My Story
  • We'll expand the Collection

    We're adding new adventures including dinosaurs, dragons, cars, and princesses to our collection. Have a brilliant idea for our next story theme? We'd love to hear it!

  • We'll add Families, Couples and Pets

    Picture crafting a tale that includes your family, celebrates your relationship, or stars your beloved pet as the hero.

    We're working to make it happen!

  • We'll add New Personalized Objects

    From a custom mug to themed pajamas, or even a poster starring your loved one on an epic quest – we're excited to turn your dreams into reality with our personalized offerings.

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Curious to know how it works?

dreamstories. uses an advance Artificial Intelligence technology to create breathtaking illustrations that enchant both young and adults.

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